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Zhengzhou KangBaiJia Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating medical equipment research and development, production, sales, training and service.

The external physical vibration lithecbole developed by the company is an international invention and it also owns self-relied intellectual property in China. It has settled the international problem urinary calculi cannot be quickly passed out thoroughly after treatment, filled the gap in this technical field. The developed automatic pressure control perfusion suction system is a revolutionary change in minimally invasive urinary surgery. The device uses optical fiber sensor technology to enable real-time pressure is controlled and ensure safety in minimally invasive surgery. It can also clear residual stones in time to improve the efficiency of the operation. The disposable endoscope tube sheath and disposable ureteral tube sheath are used with automatic pressure control perfusion suction system synchronously.

The rehabilitation and physical therapy products made by Zhengzhou KangBaiJia are far ahead in the industry.

The company's hygienic material products include disposable medical mask, medical surgical mask, nanometer materials protective mask, disposable mask, KN95, N95, N99 and forthcoming mask of NM95, NM100 etc. Besides, other products like flat mask making machine, N95 mask making machine, welding machine, industrial robot and security inspection equipment etc.

There is a saying that faith moves mountains. Zhengzhou KangBaiJia insist on doing professional technology and supply quality products. Looking to the future, Zhengzhou KangBaiJia always has the courage to innovate series of new products for urological diseases under the strong assist and support of the experts and professors from Chinese Urological Association, Urology Society of Chinese Medical Association, Chinese Association of Integrative Medicine of Urology and International Alliance of Urolithiasis. We firmly believe that KangBaiJia Technology Company will promote the standard of treatment in the field of urology stones in China even all over the world.

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