Minimally Invasive

Automatic pressure-controlled perfusion & suction system

The automatic pressure-controlled perfusion suction system is an internationally pioneering product independently developed by the company and obtained a patent for invention. This product uses precise optical fiber pressure sensing technology, which can effectively solve the problem of excessive renal pelvic pressure in minimally invasive surgery and avoid urinary sepsis. Complications such as disease, fluid extravasation.

Disposable ureteral introducer sheath

The dual-cavity optical fiber pressure conduction soft mirror guide sheath, the unique cross-section design of the main cavity not only ensures that the endoscope and other instruments can pass smoothly, but also realizes the dual channels of perfusion suction and pressure measurement, integrating precision optical fiber pressure sensing in one. Real-time monitoring and control of renal pelvic pressure ensure the safety of surgery.

Disposable endoscope guiding sheath

It is mainly used for clinical dilation and establishment of channels for percutaneous renal dilation and drainage and endoscopic surgical instrument injection for patients with kidney stones or hydronephrosis to protect the tip and bend of the endoscope.

Urinary catheter

Disposable ultra-smooth urinary catheters are mainly made of silicone and latex. There are three types of birds: single-lumen without balloon, double-lumen with balloon, and three-lumen with balloon. They are suitable for children, brave use, and women. Kind of thickness length.

Super smooth and hard guide wire

The guide wire is made of super elastic and hard nickel-titanium alloy material, so that the guide wire has good torsion control, support and flexibility Super-slip hydrophilic coating treatment, the sliding resistance on the surface of the guide wire is small, avoiding tissue damage, a variety of thickness and length specifications are available, covered with a hydrophilic coating film, the surface is smooth, and it is easy to pass in the cavity The two ends of the guide wire have different hardness, the hard segment is hardened, and the soft segment is soft enough to be developed under X-ray and can be clearly positioned
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